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Wedding Planning (3) Steps

Saturday, February 15th, 2014

Wedding planning is much easier if you organize your priorities. On a scale of 1-10 which services are most important to you? Go ahead put them in order. Is it Flowers? Limos? How about Party Favors for all of your guests? In our experience Banquet Hall, Photography, Entertainment, and Video are high on the priority list. As a matter of fact they are most often times the top 4. Go ahead now finish your list. Write them all down so there staring you in the face. Don’t get overwhelmed just keep writing.

Ok, so now you’ve put all your services in order of importance right? What’s next? Take a few minutes away from your list, close your eyes and dream about that special day. What are the first things that you see? What comes to your mind so vividly you can see yourself in the moment. Is it the beautiful picturesque photos being taken from your photographer? Maybe the dance floor full of your family and friends rockin to the newest dance songs. Or that sleek limo you found that says. “Going to the chapel and I’m gonna get maaaaarried.” Are you getting the hint yet? Of course you are…. continue your dream wedding, don’t leave anything out and get ready for step number 2.

“How to convert your great plan into action” TO BE CONTINUED…

Best – Dave

Wedding Professionals vs. “On the Side”

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Wedding Professionals are the Key to your Wedding’s Success!

It appears that everyone these days is a DJ, a Photographer, a Filmmaker or a Wedding Planner. Every Bride and Groom knows someone who does one of these positions on the “side.”

Our question is do you really want someone who does these jobs “On the Side” handling your Big Day?

Most people are going to say NO!

From a DJ’s point of view, the first thing Engaged Couples should realize you don’t want a DJ at your wedding. You need a Wedding Entertainer. Why?

Wedding Entertainers are Insured, Recommended by Wedding Facilities and other Wedding Professionals, as well as having back-up equipment, professional equipment, staff and services on-call for every event.

Wedding Entertainers take the time to sit down with you by either an in person consultation, conference call or BrideLive Video conference, to review your event in complete detail. A true Wedding Entertainer will make sure that names are pronounced correctly, titles are correct (perhaps your parents are remarried, there are various ways to introduce them), correct version of your song requests, and a detailed outline of how your formalities for the day will play out.

A Wedding Entertainer is on time for your event, dressed properly, introduces themselves to the facility’s staff test runs all equipment and helps set up the Bridal Party with the Maitre D’. Professionals also check in with the Newlyweds throughout the evening to make sure they don’t need anything or that they are happy.

DJ’s just play music. Wedding Entertainers guide the married couple, their family and guests through a fun, energetic event. Professionalism and Customer Service play a part in the entire day. DJ’ng the event is just a portion of it. Professionals know there is so much more!!

All our Best!

Joey Kidd Marino and Dave Nase

Engagement Tips!

Monday, January 28th, 2013

So you got engaged over the holidays!  You have been to your first Bridal Show!  Now you have no idea where to start!

First, Pick a Location and Date!

Next, Entertainment, followed by Photography, Cinema and Flowers!

Finally, pick your dress!

 Seems like a lot…..NAH!!!  It’s easy!

When you pick your venue, look at their recommended Wedding Professional list!

Nine out of 10 times these are people that work at the venue on a regular basis and know their routine.  This makes for a flawless wedding reception.

When you look at these Wedding Professionals, meet with the actual DJ or Photographer you are going to have at your event.  Not a Salesperson. Plus, ask to see the work of the entertainer, photographer, filmmaker, or floral designer that you are going to have on your actual day.  This way you know exactly what you are getting.

Many of the Wedding Professionals in this area are small businesses.  Small businesses usually mean Exceptional Customer Service, Quality and Final Product.

You can also help boil down your decision by checking their websites for samples, films, bios, services and most important past client testimonials!

 If you’re still overwhelmed.  Call us.  We will help narrow things down for you!

Happy Wedding Planning!

Joey Kidd Marino and Dave Nase

Benefit for Bell Panaccione

Monday, January 21st, 2013

PEPSI Sponsored

Benefit for Bell Panaccione

Silent Auction/Tricky Tray

Sunday January 27th, 2013

Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ


Pat Roddy Band, Food, Door Prizes, 50/50

 Tickets $20.00 (Advanced) 25.00 (at the Door) Children $5.00

18 & Older 21 to Drink

For Tickets:


Call:  732-643-3236

Available at the Stone Pony Box Office or

Local Retailer – Write in where tickets are available

Our Pepsi Driver, Mark Panaccione has a remarkable 12 year old daughter, Isabella Panaccione, who has endured 5 major surgical procedures due to a rare defect of her spinal cord. She has tethered cord syndrome, which if left untreated, could slowly cause paralysis of her entire body. It could weaken her spinal column, causing twisting and impinging pressure on her heart and lungs, limiting her ability to breathe on her own. Her parents have selected the best doctors in the field, who are not “in network.” Isabella has undergone four surgeries to strengthen and straighten her spinal cord and has a future of even more. 

To date, through all the pain, suffering, time missed from school, Isabella remains a delightful, warm, sweet, intelligent little girl with a great empathy for others.

Her parents are struggling to pay Isabella’s medical bills, which, despite their insurance have mounted to thousands of dollars.  Please join us at Isabella’s fundraiser or help us with a donation for Isabella’s cause.



Mail check for tickets to:

Isabella Fund Raiser

c/o PepsiCo

3411 Sunset Avenue

Ocean, NJ  07712

Tickets will be mailed back to you once payment is received


NJs Best DJs Giving Back – Happy New Year!

Monday, December 31st, 2012

‘Superstorm Sandy’ changed our lives and landscapes forever. Many memories of the JerseyShore were ALMOST washed away.  However, we can use those memories and collectively as a community bring back our region stronger, better and more memorable than before. We are individuals at the Jersey Shore, living in surrounding areas which were hardest hit by ‘Superstorm Sandy’. We understand how protective Jersey Shore residents are of their family, friends, community, beaches, boardwalks and landmarks.

Our company has decided to take action!

A portion of every single booking for 2013 will be donated to various ‘Sandy Relief’ efforts. This is our way of continuing support to the Jersey Shore that we all love so much!

Have a Happy, Healthy, and Safe Holiday Season!

Dave Nase, Joey Kidd Marino, Our Staff and Families

Jersey Strong!

Friday, December 7th, 2012

The Holiday Season is upon us and is officially in full swing.  As a Jersey Shore company and family we have a lot to be Thankful for this year!  We have survived the biggest hurricane to ever hit the East Coast and we are still standing strong!

First and foremost our hearts and prayers still go out to all those affected by Sandy.  Members of our staff have spent countless hours donating time, money, food and supplies on a regular basis to help do our part.  As all of you know, the Jersey Shore is not what you see on TV.  It is a very unique community of families that really are tied together by the simple fact that we are from the shore.  If you know of any ways that we can help these families please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do or give what we can.

We also want to take this time to thank all of the other Wedding Professionals who have done the same to help our Shore.  The Wedding industry is also a very unique business as competition gets put aside for well-being of the client in most cases.  With all of the damage to many facilities and weddings having to be changed or cancelled, our industry came together very clutch in a very difficult time.  Thank you to all of you who helped to still try and make everyone’s big day a reality!

Usually these blogs are a time for companies, to sell themselves or give you a difference about ourselves, then the rest.  We always take a paragraph or two to do this on every blog.  Not this time.  Too much has happened this last quarter of the year and it really has put life into perspective for many of us.  We are all not getting younger.  Our children are growing up quicker than we can imagine and each day flies by moment after moment.

Enjoy it.  Enjoy life.  Enjoy what you have.

The shape of shoreline may have changed but our hearts, pride and integrity will never!

Happy Holidays!

Joey Kidd Marino, Dave Nase and Staff

Hurricane Sandy

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

We just want to express our deepest sympathies to those who have suffered during this monster storm.

We also want to thank those who have reached out to us to check on us during this time as we do live on the shore. All of our staff and families are safe as we just are assessing the damage which is the least of our worries as we worry more about our friends who were completely devastated.

We also want to let all couples know that we are aware some facilities were badly damaged and will work feverishly with you and them to help still give you the weddings of your dreams in whatever solution we all come up with.

Please be safe and we are here to help anyone who needs it.

Joey Kidd Marino, Dave Nase, Staff and their Families

NJs Best DJs Customization!

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

People always like cool stories about weddings.  Sometimes we have an unusual first dance, or story of how a couple met.  How about just a heartfelt thank you from the couple.

 Sure many weddings are considered “cookie cutter” weddings because they have a lot of the same music, however, we take pride on using music that we know makes the dance floor get packed and putting our couples taste of music into it as well.  Joey Kidd recently had a wedding for a young couple in their early 20’s that met at the University of Alabama.  When they first got engaged, a few days later they found out they were going to be blessed with a baby.

 Our bride was from NJ and our groom from Texas.  As with most weddings that couples are from different states, they usually have the ceremony in the bride’s home state.  Now mind you this a young couple with a brand new baby living 10 states away trying to plan a wedding.  Our bride let her mom take full control of the wedding.  Now, most brides would panic, not ours.  Mom had the kids’ best interest at heart.  She actually did the review with us on behalf of her daughter who had just a few requests.  We did speak to the bride though just to let her know what her mom did have in store for us.

 Mom’s vision was a traditional “cookie cutter” wedding with all the classic songs, dances (electric slide, cha-cha slide, etc) and formalities.  The majority of the guests, probably 80% were over 45 years old, so mom wanted to make sure we catered to basically the majority.  There were also many guests representing 10 different states, with some as far away from Hawaii, who have never experienced a Jersey Style wedding.  Remember, most weddings in most states are a ceremony, dinner and that’s it.

During the night the brides’ brother said that in Alabama were they all met at college they do what is called a “Rick Roll.”  Not having a clue, Joey listened carefully.  The brother, groom and groomsmen were all in on this.  They wanted me to play a very, old cheesy slow song.  Get all the couples out and a minute in bang it into a Rick Ashley song, Never Gonna Give You Up!  So, Joey took it one step further and used the classic What a Wonderful World which drew EVERY couple up, then made the song skip, and then proceeded to bang into Rick Astley.  Joey then told the crowd that the Groom and Groomsmen have just “Rick Rolled” them.  Honestly, the dance floor went crazy!  It was hysterical and packed.

From there many states were honored for traveling this far with certain songs such as Footloose and Cotton Eyed Joe for the Southern states, NY NY for the Northern States, and Tiny Bubbles for Hawaii.   The dance floor never stopped.

Joey found out the bride’s favorite song was Don’t Stop Believing so he did it as the second to last song, which is one of the greatest sing along songs of all time!  The night then ended with Sweet Home Alabama!  In honor of where they met!

The reason we tell this story is right as Sweet Home Alabama ended both the bride and groom came up to Joey and told him it was Awesome the way he used everything about their guests and themselves to customize the wedding.  Joey used Sweet Home on his own after he reviewed with everybody.

This was a young couple who left their whole day blindly in the hands of mom and Joey and ended up with the wedding of their dreams.  We take the time to make sure every wedding ends like that!

In other news we just wanted to thank a few of our friends at Clarks Landing, Molly Pitcher, Oyster Point, The Mill, The English Manor, Vanity Fare, Lobster Shanty, Waters Edge of Sea Bright, McLoones, Channel Club and Doolans for their very recent referrals!  It means a lot to us that many facilities in the area trust our service to their most prized possessions, their customers.

Once again have a Fantastic Summer!

Joey Kidd Marino and Dave Nase

Summer 2012

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

As we hit mid-summer, we hope that all our friends and wedding pros are doing well!

Since it is summer we will just give you a quick run-down on some things we have had going on!

As usual we have been contributing portions of our booking to various organizations including charities involved with Lupus, Special Olympics, Cancer and High School Sport Clubs.  We always thank you, our friends and clients for trusting us to handle your Wedding Day, which allows us in turn to give back!

We are always looking to help organizations when we can.  Please feel free to contact us about your various charitable organizations.

Our number one fans are our own Children, (usually, lol) and we just want to congratulate Dave’s kids: DJ – getting a new job and Corey for being put on the Varsity TR South baseball team as a Freshman.  Plus, Joey’s Kids:  Kyle – Training in Annapolis with the Navy Seals and Naval Academy wrestling team, Carmine – who is nine and finally caught his first wave surfing and Nicky who we wish a speedy recovery from surgery on his forearm from trying to be a lumberjack log roller, lol.  Also, Markus’ son just finished his first year of baseball and his daughter celebrated her birthday.

A very quick Best of Luck to our Mixer Kathryn who is expecting her first baby any day now.  Also, to Mike Fuoco from the Photobooth crew who is getting married in a few days!

Summer beach wedding tip!  Now this is just a tip.  You have many facilities that offer outdoor weddings.  Remember, too hot is no fun for anybody especially you as the bride and groom.  You don’t want to get too drained from the heat where you don’t look your freshest or feel that great the rest of the night.  Many of these facilities have spectacular indoor views:  Waters Edge, Channel Club, McLoones, Crystal Point, Clarks Landing, Lobster Shanty and I am sure I am missing a whole bunch.  The point is, you will still get the view and great pictures from being inside, along with the comfort of not getting heat exhaustion.  You can always go outside if need be for quick pictures and have the best of both worlds.

As always we will keep giving you the best service and entertainment experience that has come to be expected from us.  We just ask that you do your BEST to have a FANTASTIC SUMMER!

Joey Kidd Marino and Dave Nase

2012 In Full Swing!

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

It is the New Year!  We are in Full Swing!

As always we want to thank our entire staff for a Fantastic 2011.  Markus, JoJo, Matt, Dan, Jayme, Janine, Kat, Kimmee, and Keri did a Fantastic Job as always in 2011!

We move forward now with 2011 in our rear view mirror.  Our first quarter 2012 Showcases are posted.  Check frequently as we add each week.

There are still some prime dates available for 2012 and 2013 is starting to move a little quicker now as you would expect.

Our first piece of 2012 wedding advice…

Cheaper is never better

Expensive isn’t always great

Experienced is ALWAYS competitive.

Everyone has a budget.  Entertainment may in fact be the MOST Important part of your Wedding Reception.  If you get a $600 DJ because he was cheap and you had no fun and nobody danced, you didn’t lose $600, you lost $30k because that is what the average wedding costs.

When you hire a company, you need to see the SPECIFIC entertainer you are going to hire either at a previous event, a bridal showcase or a sales video.

You then need to meet that SPECIFIC entertainer at the sales consultation not just a salesperson.  Whether the entertainer is there in person, through BrideLive video chat or a conference call, you as the bride need to make sure you click with that specific entertainer before you hire anyone.

You need to know their WEDDING EXPERIENCE, not DJ experience, wedding experience.

You also need to see referrals from specific Client letters, preferably on Wedding Wire, the Knot or a validated source.  Plus other experienced, credited Wedding Professionals personal referrals.

The entertainer needs to be able to see YOUR VISION and convey that to you in an exciting, professional and fantastic fashion!

Best of luck to all the newly engaged couples of the Holiday Season!

Joey Kidd Marino and Dave Nase