Nuts for Wedding Favors

We did a poll recently, asking people what they could do without at a wedding. Many said favors. I did a little research. Favors are still the rage, but the items have changed over the years.

The tradition of wedding favors has been in existence for hundreds of years. It is believed the tradition began with European aristocrats who provided small boxes made of porcelain or precious stones. The contents of the box were sugar or candies. Sugar was something only the wealthy could get. These favors were known as a bonbonniere. As time went on, and more people could afford sugar the tradition of favors evolved.

Almonds became the popular choice. They signified good wishes for the bride and groom’s life together. Almonds coated with sugar became known as confetti and represented the bitter sweetness of marriage. (No kidding, right?)

My own Aunt Jenny, an immigrant from Italy and a strong believer in superstitions, provided us with the Italian version (Bomboniere) of almonds covered in sugar, wrapped in pretty tulle, and tied with a lacy bow for the tables at my wedding. She wanted to make sure we had good luck and a happy life and lighting a candle in church wasn’t going to be enough. The almonds were a must. This is the same woman who gave me a giant Italian horn when I bought my first home so no one would overlook the house, but that’s another story.

Over the years, favors became more about the trinket and less about good wishes for the bride and groom. Modern favors seemed to have a nice mix of both. So, if you want those favors decorating your tables, go for it.

Recently, we’ve seen some interesting items as favors and many of them are related to food: hamburgers, dessert bars filled with cookies and candies in mason jars, honey sticks, donuts, soaps, colored pencils in a jar, shot glasses, moonshine, sun glasses, seeds, luggage tags with cute sayings, and homemade jams.

Want to see some pictures? The Knot has hundreds of photos.

We love hearing from you! What kind of favors will be at your special day? Decided against them? What was the best favor you ever received as a wedding guest? The worst?

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