Scratch It Off Your List. We’ve Got This For You.

Do you ever wonder why planning a wedding is not on the list of the top five most stressful things to experience? Yeah, us too. Planning a wedding is hard. It takes a lot of time, which no one has in excess these days. You can’t miss a detail, like having the grassy area around the beautiful white tent you rented for the reception and placed on your uncle’s farm because you spent summers growing up there, sprayed for mosquitoes. Your patience will be stretched like an overblown latex balloon. Just wait until Aunt Freda complains that you put her seat next to her sister Flo whom she hasn’t seen in more years than she remembers and has always hated that woman’s hats.

NJs Best DJs can take some of your stress away. Yup, you read that correctly. Let us make things easier for you during the planning process. Here’s how:

Trust us to handle your music selections for the evening. You can tell us the top twenty most important songs to you, but let us handle the rest.

Dave with a happy client!

Making music choices that pack your dance floor and guarantee your guests a superb time is what we do best. Our decades of experience have taught us when and how to choose the music that works.

It’s understandable that a bride and groom want to have a say in what plays at their reception. The night belongs to you, but you hired an experienced professional entertainer whose job it is to do more than press play. Leave the music to the experts.

NJs Best DJs designs the music to maximize the experience on the dance floor. We do that effectively when the bride and groom sit back and allow us to do what we were hired for. Too many mandatory song choices don’t give us the room for creativity. Each wedding is unique. The music that gets your dance floor pumping will be different than someone else’s wedding. We know how and when to mix up the song list, but we can’t do that if you pick all the music for the night.

What about the songs you don’t want to hear? We explain to our brides and grooms when we sit down and discuss song choices to keep their guests in mind. Even though the night is about you, the dance floor is also about the guests. Sometimes we have to play a song that we know will get the joint jumping even though you would rather not hear it. Trust us to choose that song and then segue into something else. Probably something on your list.

We’ve got the music covered. You go and worry about Aunt Freda.

We love hearing from you! What are some of your must-have songs at your upcoming wedding? Do you have any absolute no’s?

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