12 Feb, 2017

Embrace the Rain on Your Wedding Day

12 Feb, 2017
Endless Wave Studios www.endlesswave.co

Endless Wave Studios www.endlesswave.co

Spring is around the corner and with it comes the rainy season in New Jersey, but spring is also a great time to plan a wedding. Don’t let a little drizzle cloud your day.

The experts say if it rains on your wedding day good luck is in store for your marriage. I think, what else are they going to say to the poor bride who has spent months planning her special day, picking out a white dress (which will probably get dirty on the wet street), spent a fortune to have her hair done, (only to frizz up in the rain) and all those outside pictures she’s dreamed about won’t be happening without wearing a slicker and some goulashes.

I once dj’d an outside wedding in the month of August where a storm blew in during the reception, the rain poured down on our plugged-in extension cord, making me afraid to touch the equipment for fear of being electrocuted. At which point, the power got knocked out saving our lives, but throwing the party into darkness.

Can I tell you what? That bride was a trooper. She got herself and her guests on the dance floor even without music and they sang, danced and had a good time anyway.

How can you embrace the possibility of rain on your special day?

First of up, it’s all in the attitude. Like my bride above, it’s up to you to set the tone for a wet day. If you and your groom are having a good time despite the weather, your guests will too.

Have a backup plan for outside photos and locations for ceremony and the reception. Make sure to ask your photographer and the venue for suggestions on where these places can be. If you’ve hired a wedding planner, make sure they’re on the case. They should be, just saying. And as for your DJ, make sure the outlet is properly protected from the rain. No electrocutions, please.

You can purchase wedding insurance in the case of really bad weather like a hurricane. Can anyone say hurricanes Irene and Sandy?

Bring towels. Yup, towels. If the rain lets up and you can race outside for a few photos the towels will serve as a way to wipe down a place to sit for that special photo on a bench or porch. Plus, if the rain sneaks in during the ceremony, Aunt Ester will be able to dry off her hair and not complain about being cold.

I like photos of the bride and groom under an umbrella. Bring a big one for the two of you. I wouldn’t recommend buying umbrellas for all the guests. That could be expensive and if the sun does shine strong and bright a huge waste.

We love hearing from you! What will you do if it rains on your wedding day?

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