Wedding Planning (3) Steps

Wedding planning is much easier if you organize your priorities. On a scale of 1-10 which services are most important to you? Go ahead put them in order. Is it Flowers? Limos? How about Party Favors for all of your guests? In our experience Banquet Hall, Photography, Entertainment, and Video are high on the priority list. As a matter of fact they are most often times the top 4. Go ahead now finish your list. Write them all down so there staring you in the face. Don’t get overwhelmed just keep writing.

Ok, so now you’ve put all your services in order of importance right? What’s next? Take a few minutes away from your list, close your eyes and dream about that special day. What are the first things that you see? What comes to your mind so vividly you can see yourself in the moment. Is it the beautiful picturesque photos being taken from your photographer? Maybe the dance floor full of your family and friends rockin to the newest dance songs. Or that sleek limo you found that says. “Going to the chapel and I’m gonna get maaaaarried.” Are you getting the hint yet? Of course you are…. continue your dream wedding, don’t leave anything out and get ready for step number 2.

“How to convert your great plan into action” TO BE CONTINUED…

Best – Dave

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