Wedding Professionals vs. “On the Side”

Wedding Professionals are the Key to your Wedding’s Success!

It appears that everyone these days is a DJ, a Photographer, a Filmmaker or a Wedding Planner. Every Bride and Groom knows someone who does one of these positions on the “side.”

Our question is do you really want someone who does these jobs “On the Side” handling your Big Day?

Most people are going to say NO!

From a DJ’s point of view, the first thing Engaged Couples should realize you don’t want a DJ at your wedding. You need a Wedding Entertainer. Why?

Wedding Entertainers are Insured, Recommended by Wedding Facilities and other Wedding Professionals, as well as having back-up equipment, professional equipment, staff and services on-call for every event.

Wedding Entertainers take the time to sit down with you by either an in person consultation, conference call or BrideLive Video conference, to review your event in complete detail. A true Wedding Entertainer will make sure that names are pronounced correctly, titles are correct (perhaps your parents are remarried, there are various ways to introduce them), correct version of your song requests, and a detailed outline of how your formalities for the day will play out.

A Wedding Entertainer is on time for your event, dressed properly, introduces themselves to the facility’s staff test runs all equipment and helps set up the Bridal Party with the Maitre D’. Professionals also check in with the Newlyweds throughout the evening to make sure they don’t need anything or that they are happy.

DJ’s just play music. Wedding Entertainers guide the married couple, their family and guests through a fun, energetic event. Professionalism and Customer Service play a part in the entire day. DJ’ng the event is just a portion of it. Professionals know there is so much more!!

All our Best!

Joey Kidd Marino and Dave Nase

2 Responses to “Wedding Professionals vs. “On the Side””

  1. Thomas Quinn says:

    As a professional photographer it amazes me that people trust their imaging to “Uncle Joe” or the “UPS Guy” with a camera. Our days are usually 10 hours long. We require multiple cameras and lenses. If something goes wrong we have backup equipment and photographers to contact if there is a real problem. Just this weekend Expressive Image worked with Joey at Clark’s Landing. I left my house at 10:15AM, just after the paramedics left with my mother in the ambulance. She had an episode and we had to call 911. I did not even consider not showing up at my event. If the worst happened and my mother didn’t make it. She is 82 and has multiple health issues. I would have stayed at the event until another professional photographer could take over for me. I also brought a second photographer with me that has 40 years experience. You just can’t get that from guys who work “on the side” as professionals. I have shown up in blizzards and hurricanes. Professional photographers show up no matter what. It is the most important day in the Bridal Couple’s life.

  2. Greg Santollo says:

    After working for years as a server for weddings at the Channel Club, when it came time to plan my wedding there wasn’t even a question about who I wanted to be the Entertainer. You see, our wedding was a backyard affar that I knew I would spend months bringing together, from laying the sod to building the arbor, come wedding day I just wanted to dance with nothing to worry about. I knew Dave Nase was the man for the job, because of everything he said here. He controlled the whole party and it rocked! Thanks Again Dave you are my brother for life. PS when every our wedding comes up So do you and how wonderful you were.

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