Engagement Tips!

So you got engaged over the holidays!  You have been to your first Bridal Show!  Now you have no idea where to start!

First, Pick a Location and Date!

Next, Entertainment, followed by Photography, Cinema and Flowers!

Finally, pick your dress!

 Seems like a lot…..NAH!!!  It’s easy!

When you pick your venue, look at their recommended Wedding Professional list!

Nine out of 10 times these are people that work at the venue on a regular basis and know their routine.  This makes for a flawless wedding reception.

When you look at these Wedding Professionals, meet with the actual DJ or Photographer you are going to have at your event.  Not a Salesperson. Plus, ask to see the work of the entertainer, photographer, filmmaker, or floral designer that you are going to have on your actual day.  This way you know exactly what you are getting.

Many of the Wedding Professionals in this area are small businesses.  Small businesses usually mean Exceptional Customer Service, Quality and Final Product.

You can also help boil down your decision by checking their websites for samples, films, bios, services and most important past client testimonials!

 If you’re still overwhelmed.  Call us.  We will help narrow things down for you!

Happy Wedding Planning!

Joey Kidd Marino and Dave Nase

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