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People always like cool stories about weddings.  Sometimes we have an unusual first dance, or story of how a couple met.  How about just a heartfelt thank you from the couple.

 Sure many weddings are considered “cookie cutter” weddings because they have a lot of the same music, however, we take pride on using music that we know makes the dance floor get packed and putting our couples taste of music into it as well.  Joey Kidd recently had a wedding for a young couple in their early 20’s that met at the University of Alabama.  When they first got engaged, a few days later they found out they were going to be blessed with a baby.

 Our bride was from NJ and our groom from Texas.  As with most weddings that couples are from different states, they usually have the ceremony in the bride’s home state.  Now mind you this a young couple with a brand new baby living 10 states away trying to plan a wedding.  Our bride let her mom take full control of the wedding.  Now, most brides would panic, not ours.  Mom had the kids’ best interest at heart.  She actually did the review with us on behalf of her daughter who had just a few requests.  We did speak to the bride though just to let her know what her mom did have in store for us.

 Mom’s vision was a traditional “cookie cutter” wedding with all the classic songs, dances (electric slide, cha-cha slide, etc) and formalities.  The majority of the guests, probably 80% were over 45 years old, so mom wanted to make sure we catered to basically the majority.  There were also many guests representing 10 different states, with some as far away from Hawaii, who have never experienced a Jersey Style wedding.  Remember, most weddings in most states are a ceremony, dinner and that’s it.

During the night the brides’ brother said that in Alabama were they all met at college they do what is called a “Rick Roll.”  Not having a clue, Joey listened carefully.  The brother, groom and groomsmen were all in on this.  They wanted me to play a very, old cheesy slow song.  Get all the couples out and a minute in bang it into a Rick Ashley song, Never Gonna Give You Up!  So, Joey took it one step further and used the classic What a Wonderful World which drew EVERY couple up, then made the song skip, and then proceeded to bang into Rick Astley.  Joey then told the crowd that the Groom and Groomsmen have just “Rick Rolled” them.  Honestly, the dance floor went crazy!  It was hysterical and packed.

From there many states were honored for traveling this far with certain songs such as Footloose and Cotton Eyed Joe for the Southern states, NY NY for the Northern States, and Tiny Bubbles for Hawaii.   The dance floor never stopped.

Joey found out the bride’s favorite song was Don’t Stop Believing so he did it as the second to last song, which is one of the greatest sing along songs of all time!  The night then ended with Sweet Home Alabama!  In honor of where they met!

The reason we tell this story is right as Sweet Home Alabama ended both the bride and groom came up to Joey and told him it was Awesome the way he used everything about their guests and themselves to customize the wedding.  Joey used Sweet Home on his own after he reviewed with everybody.

This was a young couple who left their whole day blindly in the hands of mom and Joey and ended up with the wedding of their dreams.  We take the time to make sure every wedding ends like that!

In other news we just wanted to thank a few of our friends at Clarks Landing, Molly Pitcher, Oyster Point, The Mill, The English Manor, Vanity Fare, Lobster Shanty, Waters Edge of Sea Bright, McLoones, Channel Club and Doolans for their very recent referrals!  It means a lot to us that many facilities in the area trust our service to their most prized possessions, their customers.

Once again have a Fantastic Summer!

Joey Kidd Marino and Dave Nase

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