The Keys to a Stress Free Wedding!

After all our years in the Wedding Industry, us, like most Wedding Pros, can tell you what will and won’t work at your wedding from any Wedding Professional’s Point of View.  People say Listening is a lost art.  We think they should add Observing to that list.  From entertaining at over 2000 events during our careers we have seen it all. We have seen the dreaded BrideZILLA!  GROOMZILLA!  Crazy In-Laws!  We have also seen Elegant Brides!  Dashing Grooms!  Proud Parents!  And everything in between!

We feel we have found in one form or another the Keys to a Stress Free Wedding.

The First Key to your Stress Free Wedding is think out your vision.  Picture how you would like things to go.

Next, Hire Wedding Professionals.  Professionals who can show you their expertise in their field.  Yes, price is important; however the success of your Once in Lifetime Moment is too.  Ask to meet the Professionals who will be at YOUR event.  The actual Maitre D’, DJ, Photographer, Videographer and Florist that will personally design your arrangements.  When you meet them, before you hire them, see if they are the right fit for you.  Ask for Testimonials from past clients, preferably from a service such as Wedding Wire.  On those services Professionals CANNOT Delete bad reviews.  If there are no or limited discouraging reviews, you are probably headed in the right direction.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.  What we mean by that is you hire professionals to their job that you have researched and probably witnessed.  You like what they do, that’s why you hired them.  Give them ideas of what you are looking for.  See if they understand your vision by reviewing it with you.  Make a few key points.  True Wedding Professionals will review almost every detail of their job with you without you even asking.  A True Sign they want to make your life easier.

This part seems to be the hardest.  No matter who you talk to there is always Bridal Party or Family Drama.  This is YOUR DAY!  Nobody else’s!  Just keep this in mind; Parents are just as excited as you.  Some are from a different generation than today.  Their vision could be different.  If you have a parent like that.  Explain to them your concern right up front.  The number of Brides who have approached Mom and said, “Mom, this is what I want to do.  I would like you to be a part of my day.  I know we may differ in some opinions of what a wedding is, so I want you to come with me.  See how things have changed and how Weddings are still elegant and fun.”  Every bride who has told us they had a similar conversation with a Parent has had no Family Drama.  As far as your Bridal Party goes, we all know some people can never let YOU have your moment.  Again, be up front with them.  True friends prefer when you are honest with them.  I have had Brides tell us that they rounded up the Bridal Party, took them all out, right after they got engaged.  Had a few drinks and told them flat out, “You are our closest friends.  We want you in our day.  However we will not take any of you not getting along or disrupting.  So if you have a problem with someone here, hash it out or leave!”  We were in shock when we heard those stories.  However, those Bridal Parties never had an issue.

The Day of the wedding, just go with the flow.  Don’t worry about where you need to be what time.  That is what the professionals are for.  They will tell you were to go, what time, and all that good stuff.  The only thing you have to do is tell people what time to be there.  That’s it!  True professionals will get you through the Pictures, introductions and formalities quickly and flawlessly.  This way you can enjoy your day.  If you walk into your Reception room and something is not to your liking.  Stay calm.  Get the right people to fix it.  Chances are you are finding the mistake before anyone else.  99% of the time there are no issues.  For that 1% just relax.  The professionals will get it fixed in seconds.

Finally, don’t feel you “HAVE TO!”  I HAVE TO WALK TO EVERY TABLE; I HAVE TO SIT WITH EVERYONE FOR 10 MINUTES, etc.  Your guests understand this is a big moment.  They will want to get as close to you as possible.  They know there are 150 people who all want a part of you.  They understand you want to make everyone happy.  Don’t worry about it.  Just enjoy yourself, everything will fall into place.

People will read this and say you left out this or this.  This is just an overview.  These are the main components of being stress free about your wedding.

We wish you all the best!

Dave Nase and Joey Kidd Marino

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