2012 In Full Swing!

It is the New Year!  We are in Full Swing!

As always we want to thank our entire staff for a Fantastic 2011.  Markus, JoJo, Matt, Dan, Jayme, Janine, Kat, Kimmee, and Keri did a Fantastic Job as always in 2011!

We move forward now with 2011 in our rear view mirror.  Our first quarter 2012 Showcases are posted.  Check frequently as we add each week.

There are still some prime dates available for 2012 and 2013 is starting to move a little quicker now as you would expect.

Our first piece of 2012 wedding advice…

Cheaper is never better

Expensive isn’t always great

Experienced is ALWAYS competitive.

Everyone has a budget.  Entertainment may in fact be the MOST Important part of your Wedding Reception.  If you get a $600 DJ because he was cheap and you had no fun and nobody danced, you didn’t lose $600, you lost $30k because that is what the average wedding costs.

When you hire a company, you need to see the SPECIFIC entertainer you are going to hire either at a previous event, a bridal showcase or a sales video.

You then need to meet that SPECIFIC entertainer at the sales consultation not just a salesperson.  Whether the entertainer is there in person, through BrideLive video chat or a conference call, you as the bride need to make sure you click with that specific entertainer before you hire anyone.

You need to know their WEDDING EXPERIENCE, not DJ experience, wedding experience.

You also need to see referrals from specific Client letters, preferably on Wedding Wire, the Knot or a validated source.  Plus other experienced, credited Wedding Professionals personal referrals.

The entertainer needs to be able to see YOUR VISION and convey that to you in an exciting, professional and fantastic fashion!

Best of luck to all the newly engaged couples of the Holiday Season!

Joey Kidd Marino and Dave Nase

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