Halloween/Plane Pull

We are moving in onto Halloween weekend!  Some of the cooler new trends are Costume Weddings.  Some are done very extravagant with Black Tie and Masquerade Masks.  Others are done with wild and crazy costumes in very eccentric, decorated rooms.  It all depends on your style and demeanor.

The best Halloween Wedding Story I have is a couple invited everyone to their costume party.  There was about 125 family and friends.  They had their cocktail hour in the same room as the party so people wouldn’t get suspicious.  The music was typical party music.  The couple was also dressed up in ordinary costumes.  Right after the first course a guest was dressed as a Priest, took the microphone and walked to the front of the room.  At this point the couple was not around.  The Priest asked all the guests to rise.  The music came on and out came the couple dressed as Bride and Groom!

The priest then did a five minute ceremony that was for real!  Everyone went nuts!  After the Hugs and Kisses the Groom took the mic and told the guests that they wanted a real wedding.  Just friends and family having fun being themselves.  They didn’t want to worry about flowers, video, photography, nothing!  We as the DJ were in on it.  Their parents didn’t even know!  The Groom continued that just having a party was their whole goal and didn’t feel they needed guests to pay them (Gifts) to be at their wedding!  It was one for the ages!

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We also want to thank our Staff and Friends for helping us raise over $1300 at the Special Olympic Pull A Plane event!  We had 18 Pullers and made it the 15′ in 9.2 secs.  The plane weighed 96k lbs!  We had Darren Nase, Dave’s brother, and Joey Gass, Joey Kidd’s nephew lead the team at the Top of the Rope.  Both boys have Down Syndrome and are our inspiration in raising money for this great organization.  Dave Nase and Joey Kidd’s children, DJ, Corey, Kyle, Nicky and Carmine were also part of the team!  Josh and Jon from the Photobooth team were there along with Kathryn from the mixing team and her 3 friends who all work with Special Needs Children.  Mixer Keri and her friend Matt also helped with event.  Dave and Joey’s wives took the photos of the event which are also on our Facebook page!

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For our Fans and Friends who have Children or are still kids at heart.  Please be careful at your Halloween event or Trick or Treating!

All our Best,

Dave Nase and Joey Kidd Marino

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