In two days it will officially be Fall!  The summer flew by and the Holidays are rapidly approaching!

We want to send a very big Good Luck to the Brick High School Boys and Girls Cross Country team!  They are our team for the month of September to help purchase some equipment for meets.

On October 1st, many members of the staff are participating in the Special Olympics Pull-A-Plane event on the tarmac of Newark Liberty Airport!  All the monies go to help this great cause!  Dave’s brother, Darren and Joey’s Nephew, Joey, both have Down Syndrome and we do these events in their honor!  If you would like to Donate please use this link


If you would like to JOIN our team and help Pull the Plane, contact Joey or Dave ASAP!

Wedding Show season is upon us.  We have a Food Tasting at the Channel Club in Monmouth Beach on 9/20 at 630pm and a Food Tasting at the Vanity Fare in Lakewood on 9/21 at 645pm.

We are also Performing at the American Bridal Showcase at Jack Baker’s Lobster Shanty in Point Pleasant on Tuesday 9/27 at 645pm.

Visit our website to meet our Newest addition, DJ Entertainer Matt Wilder!

Enough about us!  Here is something for the Brides to be!

The last month or so we have seen Newlyweds lose a lot of time during their reception doing their “Walk Around” to all tables.  By the time they are done visiting all these tables they usually have less than an hour and a half in their reception.  To alleviate this, join your guests in your Cocktail Hour.  You can then mingle with everyone in there and not lose time to be on the dance floor with all your guests!  Don’t worry, they will not take offense to not visiting their tables.  You will be taking the time to spend with them during the cocktail which is just as sincere.  Guests know that you want to dance and enjoy yourselves.  They will be happy that you take the time to chat with them during the cocktail hour.

Have a Great Fall!

Joey Kidd Marino and Dave Nase

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