March Madness

As you might expect January is a crazy month to reserve all your wedding services.  With Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s all within a month or so of each other, they are prime occasions to get engaged.  January always officially kicks off Wedding Planning season.  Now you would expect it to go straight through February.  Many companies stats are saying the opposite.

Two types of Brides come out of the January gate.  The first type gets her whole wedding planned within 2 of 3 weeks of January.  Church, Facility, DJ, Photographer, Video, Flowers….DONE!  Many of these brides have been expecting to get engaged around this season.  They have attended as a guest or been in many weddings already so they know who and what they are looking for!  The second type of bride likes to enjoy the whole planning idea.  They use January and February to do all the show hopping, internet searching, list planning, etc.  This type of bride usually sets her goal of March to tie things down.  They use January and February to do all of the research leaving no stone unturned.

With all that being said, that leaves February usually slow compared to January and March.  This year we set a record with bookings in January.  Our February beat last year’s numbers in sales.  March is on pace to surpass January.  What also helps the March bookings is Valentine’s Day as well.  The bride who thought she was getting engaged at Christmas, gets engaged in February, so she runs rampant through the planning process and locks up EVERYTHING by the middle of March.

You might be wonder why we would mention all this.  Our goal is to help future Brides plan.  Telling you what the busy months are will allow you to use the slower months to maybe get more one on one attention with a Wedding Professional of your choice.  The bottom line is whether you want to get the planning done, or enjoy the moment, January through March is the best Wedding Planning season!  Companies are just finished from a crazy year.  They have new ideas and are looking for a fresh start in the New Year!  It is a win/win for Future Newlyweds as well as Wedding Professionals!

As we continue our “Give Back Campaign.”  This month a portion of all bookings will go to Point Pleasant Little League and Brick Little League for team sponsorships.  Now we did say we would not just write a check.  So, Joey Kidd has donated his time to Manage a Minor league team at Brick Little League, as well as their Travel AAU 8 year old team.  As we did with the Polar Bear Plunge in February by raising awareness of Special Olympics, this time please help support your local spring recreation teams.  Just by buying a candy bar or a t-shirt for a fund raiser, you help support youth sports by allowing the leagues to provide equipment and services to give kids something to do besides sit around playing video games or getting in trouble.

As always we thank you all for reading our blog, supporting our causes, and choosing us to entertain at your event!

Have a Great Spring!

Joey Kidd Marino and Dave Nase

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