Need A DJ?

I saw this same topic posted by a great entertainer out of Vegas on Facebook.  Last year I blogged about the same thing.

“How much for a DJ?” 

I will make this very short and easy to understand.  Remember, the idea is only to be a bride once, so making the right decision is crucial.

The average NJ wedding is over $30k.  The number one thing Newlyweds cut corners with according to every major bridal website and magazine in entertainment.

Those same sites tell you the 2 things people remember at a wedding are what the bride looked like and how much they danced or fun they had.

When selecting your entertainer.   

1.  You need to have seen them in action or watch a video of that specific person that will be at your wedding. 

2.  You want to meet that person during the sales session, not just a sales person.  Having a sales person there is great, but you want to talk specifically to the entertainer who is going to be at your day to make sure you know if you click now and not find out that you don’t later.

3.  It must be a 2 person package, with an entertainer (Emcee) and DJ (Music Mixer).  This way the day flows smoothly and flawlessly from transitions of announcements, music and formalities.

4.  Whomever you choose MUST be willing to do what you want, not what they want.  Most Entertainment companies will build the package (lights, plasmas, montages, photo booths, etc.) that you want.  Plus, a few weeks prior to the wedding they will lay out your entire day with you picking what YOU want and DON’T want.  An experienced entertainer will help you make your vision become a reality by working hard to make it happen and also explaining when things may not be able to happen, but finding a solution that will make what you want happen.

Anybody can be a DJ.  Just take an iPod, some speakers and go.  But only few can be wedding entertainers. 

 That is a unique combination of DJ, entertainer, host, speaker, and planner.  Mixed with personality, humor, attention, experience and fun.

Sounds hard to find.  But they are out there.  Trust me.  In this area alone of Central Jersey, quite a few.  But you need the one that fits YOU!

 All Our Best!

NJs Best DJs Staff

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