“Get Your Plunge On”

2011 Polar Bear Plunge

A Brighter Future!!

You look around what is going on in the world today.  The economy is in the toilet.  People are losing their jobs, houses and declaring bankruptcy.  You turn on the news and they have to reach to find a bright spot.  So when all is said and done, we consider ourselves very lucky!  We get to do what we love, put a smile on people’s faces daily and support our families at the same time!

It’s time to Give Back!!

NJ’s Best DJ’s as of February 1, 2011 have launched a new initiative.  We are going to donate a portion of all our bookings to a various charity monthly.  However, we are not just going to write a check.  We are going to get involved.

For years we have donated and discounted our DJ services for various charitable events and fundraisers.  We will continue to do that, but now we are going one step farther.

Every month or so we will find an event to get involved in and participate, while donating some proceeds of our work and raising money for great causes!


On February 26, 2011 Team NJ’s Best DJ’s will dive into the Atlantic Ocean to raise money for the Special Olympics!

This organization hits home as Dave Nase’s brother, Darren and Joey Kidd’s nephew, Joey are both affected by Down’s syndrome. 

Our goal is to not only raise money, but to have people PLUNGE with us!

Not only does the Polar Bear Plunge give out items for participating, we are also creating Team Shirts and possibly a Team Concept as well!

We are looking for friends, Wedding Professionals, past clients, anyone interested to join our team!! 

Email us at Info@njsbestdjs.test to JOIN! 

Please help us raise money for this Fantastic Organization!

Will you “GET YOUR PLUNGE ON!”  With NJs Best DJs?!?!

All Our Best!

Joey Kidd Marino and Dave Nase

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