American Bridal Showcases

When looking for wedding professionals, personal referrals from friends and family are always the best source. Why? Because they have experienced working with or being a part of that professionals work. Of course, you want to be sure for yourself. Besides a consultation in that wedding professional’s office, a bridal show can be just as good.

Why? Simple, there are usually more than just that one of a particular service there. Granted, you will not get the one on one attention, but you can get an idea of their work, personality and style. Remember, price is not everything. You get one chance to get your wedding right, experienced and finished product is extremely important. The shows allow you to start to narrow down your choices.

Go to a show with a particular Wedding Professional you want to see. For example, a dj. The majority of Bridal Showcases have two DJ companies performing and perhaps another company with booth space. This will allow you to see if you are interested, to then proceed with a consultation.

We have personally be involved with every major bridal show company in the central Jersey area, some are really good, some not so good. For Wedding Professionals you want consistency. A solid turnout, different brides at every showcase, not just the same future bride’s week in and week out.

For brides- to- be you want a variety of wedding professionals. Two or three of every service, not six photographers or five DJs. Just enough of each service to help you start narrowing things down.

Our experience with American Bridal Showcases is that they provide the best quality shows around. Solid attendance at all shows, variety of brides on a regular basis and usually not over three of the same service at an event. It has been a win win situation for future newlyweds and wedding professionals for a very long time.

Best of luck!

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NJs Best DJs Staff

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