2011 Polar Bear Plunge

Many people become successful.  Many people do what they love.  But not many people give back.

We are Blue Collar guys raised in a Blue Collar world.  It is our turn to help try and make a difference. 

Over a month ago, we announced our intention to donate a portion of our monthly bookings to various charities.  We also decided we were not going to simply write a check, but that we were also going to get involved.  For the month of February we picked the Polar Bear Plunge in Seaside Heights, NJ to raise money for the Special Olympics.  Not just because we wanted to jump in 38 degree water for the fun of it!  lol!  But because it is an organization that hits close to home for us both.  Dave’s brother, Darren and Joey Kidd’s nephew, Joey, both have Down Syndrome.  Daily they are an inspiration to us and our families.

When we decided to do this, the last thing we were expecting was other people to get involved.  Our plan is just to have us donate from the company and participate in an event with just Dave and Joey or perhaps an employee or two helping out.  We did not expect to have 9 people Plunge into the frigid Atlantic along with us.  Nor did we expect that the $350 we donated for the month would increase to just under $3500 from all of our GREAT family, friends, colleagues, fans and clients.  Along with that fact that some of us were crazy enough to jump in the water, that we would have over 30 people there just to watch us FREEZE, including Dave’s brother Darren!! 

Not only did we Plunge, but our great friend Susan Anderson from Something Blue Photography photographed the day along with Joey Kidd’s wife, Stacy and many other friends.  Many of our Plunge photos are on our Facebook Fanpage, http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/NJsBestDJscom/109234705183.  Our brave Plungers that braved the waters along with Dave and Joey Kidd included Dave’s wife Clelia, son DJ and Step-Brother Brett Hill.  Photo booth Specialists Jon Keller and Ed “Jersey Shore” Grill.  Fellow DJ Jesse Anstett.  Dave’s High School buddies Bill Perkert and Chris Lowe plus Dave’s family friend Barbara Johnson.  We personally cannot thank them enough for being of part of this day.

Next year we plan on having over 25 people plunge with us and raising 3’xs the amount!

Moving forward we will be involved heavily in various organizations.  We will keep all of our friends and fans posted on our where abouts and contributions.  We again thank everyone involved this past month and look forward to next year!

PS  If you know someone who needs entertainment for their event…. Yea, we still do that too!!!  LOL

All Our Best!

Dave Nase and Joey Kidd Marino

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