The Difference

The Difference

When you plan to get married, you get swamped with advice. From family, friends, co-workers, people you run into in the street who know you’re getting married. It seems everyone knows somebody in the wedding business. A Photographer, Videographer, Florist, Limo and of course a DJ.

It seems that everyone knows a DJ. Their cousin, friend of a friend, neighbor down the street. Which is fine but not just any DJ can entertain at a Wedding.

Rule Number 1 – It should never be a one man DJ at a Wedding…NEVER. To have one of the biggest event of your lives, It should be an Emcee that you are comfortable with (I’ll explain) and their personal Music Mixer.

2 DJ’s to help make sure the introductions go flawless, announcements go seamless and there is never a blip in the celebration. You don’t want one guy running back and forth to his system to change music and make announcements or just standing in the back of his system making announcements. It’s professional and not for a wedding. We do not offer any one person wedding packages.

Rule 2 – You have to be able to relate to your Emcee. Remember, this is the guys you are going to spend the next 4 or 5 hours with at an event you have planned for your whole life. You want to make sure that you like him, he has your style you want, his personality is what you were looking for and that he is experienced. And I just don’t mean an experienced DJ, an experienced wedding entertainer.

With us, you get to pick your entertainer that is right for you, you don’t meet with just a salesperson, and you meet with your entertainer prior to booking him. We want to make sure you are comfortable with them, especially if you have never seen them in action.

3. Testimonials – See what previous brides have had to say. Not from 5 years ago, but from the last year, the ones who just had them entertain.

We have over 60 bridal testimonials from the last year available right online.

4. Upgrades – Uplighting, Photobooths, Intelligent lighting, Plasma Screens, Photo Montages, Customized Monograms etc…Many companies offer these items, but not many know how to use them. What I mean is we have a professional staff that handles all facets of these upgrades. Setting up, technically operating everything and breaking down.  Our techs are among the best in the business.

5. Customer Service – We have an office conveniently located on Rt 35 North in Point Pleasant that many clients have describes as their own living room. There is nothing office about it.  It’s like being at home. Phone Calls, emails, questions are answered always within the same business day. All night time inquiries, first thing next morning. If we don’t have the answer people are looking for, we find it. Even if the solution doesn’t involve us. It has never been about us, always the newlyweds.

The amount of DJ companies out there that have the same beliefs, experience and integrity that we do is limited, but they are out there.  We have the utmost respect for them, as they do us, as well.

All Our Best!

NJs Best DJs Staff

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