Learn from the Past, Progress with the Future

Learn from the Past, Progress with the Future

As we set to write the first blog of the New Year, let me make a couple notes. First, I got home from my New Year’s Eve Event at 430am. I was up at 8, go figure, and I’m preparing for a wedding that I need to entertain at in 3 hours. So, with that being said, if I ramble, I apologize now. lol.

The Thanks are endless. In less than two years we entertained at roughly 300 events, 275 weddings in the last year with only four entertainers. To our trusting clients, past present and future, we thank you for your trust and support.

Next, our staff. Joe Shodowski and Markus Manley. Two incredible entertainers who have devoted countless hours to their clients, bridal showcases and our company. We Thank You tremendously.

Jayme, Kimmee, Katherine and Lauren. Your devotion to sales, showcases and assisting all year has been invaluable, the thank yous could go on forever.

Dan, Dave’s main music mixer. Your always on time eager to work and give 110% always Dan, Thank you.

Keri, Joey Kidd’s main Music Mixer or should we say lifeline. Keri has been assisting Joe for almost 6 years and without her he would be lost. Any compliment, thank you or tip, has never just said “Joey” on it, it has always said Joey and Keri. For those who read this that are in the business know what a long way that type of Client compliment goes. Keri, we thank you.

Most people think that we show up for 4/5 hours at a wedding and that is it. Roughly 20+ hours go into each event prior and it is done by the entertainers and their assistants, not just Joey Kidd and Dave. There is no personal time for Family, Friends and Kids on the weekends which is something that we will never get used to, so again our thanks for your dedication and sacrifice.  It’s something we will never forget and we also thank our spouses, children and families for understanding.

To all the Wedding Professionals who help, guide, compliment and refer us, you know who you are, Thank you.

As we move to the New Year, our New office has been a godsend! Couples have constantly complimented on the cool, relaxed atmosphere we have provided for the planning of what could be at times one of the most stressful events in your life. With the likely addition of one to two entertainers this year, an expansion in space is already in the works.

Our most popular addition this year is our new Photo booth! Since November 1st 40% of our clients are adding this great feature during their reservation process. Up lighting and Plasma screens follow in suit as great assets that have improved wedding atmospheres this year.

As we grow and move forward our strive for Customer Satisfaction and Quality Events will be more Prominent than ever!

We Thank you all again and we look Forward to a ROCKING 2011!

All Our Best – NJs Best DJs Staff

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