Pieces To The Puzzle

Pieces to the Puzzle

When newly engaged couples start planning their wedding they tend to really hit it off with a particular wedding professional first. Whether it is the DJ, photographer, videographer, banquet manager, etc. After they reserve this professional’s services they will also try to get them to recommend other professionals that they still haven’t hired. What the client is trying to do is get other pros that are just like you in style and demeanor.

The reason I bring this is up is not every professional is for every person. If you have a hyped up, crazy party couple you may not want to recommend them a laid back, play by the rules kind of professional.

What I always do is recommend two professionals, let’s say photographers that I feel will best fit their needs. Now, I know both are great, but the client may have a different vision than you and if you give them two, you know that one of them will be the right fit.

I’ll give the best example of this.

I had a client, Allison and Shawn, contact me from the Knot. Their schedule was terrible. They lived in separate states but wanted to do this together. The first thing I did was schedule their consultation in their facility, the Oyster Point. They needed to tie up loose ends there and this allowed them to kill two birds with one stone. I also had them use our website prior to coming to check out all our upgrades, testimonials and videos. This way I did not take up too much of their time.

The wedding booked and they told me it was because of my professionalism, honesty and commitment to help them do this the easiest way possible for them. They asked for a photographer and videographer just like me. I gave them two choices in each category.

They chose Dave Malone for photography and Trish of Videos by Trish. Trish and Dave did the same thing as us, combining their consultations with them to make it easier.

Now, flash forward to the wedding. This past Saturday night, 10/30/10 at the Oyster Point. In the middle of the wedding Allison asked to do a Thank You speech after cake to thank the families and etc. What we did not know was in the middle of it the speech at her own wedding, Allison Thanked myself, Trish and Dave for our commitment to her and Shawn as well as her vision for her wedding.

Allison did not have to do that by any means, but this time, a person went out of their way to MAKE THE WEDDING PROFESSIONALS feel awesome! Just like we attempt to do each and every day for our future newlyweds!

Thank you Allison and Shawn!

All Our Best! – NJs Best DJs Staff

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