They Still Got It (After all those years!)

There are a lot of traditions at weddings that people love to have. Cake Cutting Ceremony, Bouquet Toss, Garter Toss, Irish/ Polish (many nationalities have this) dollar dance, to name a few.
A tradition that is very popular over the past five years is called the Anniversary Dance. We invite all the married couples on the dance floor with the Newlyweds. Then, usually in the denomination of 5 years, the couples are whittled down to the final few couples. Normally when you hit 35 years there are maybe two or three couples left, however, this week was different. I’ll explain.

Normally I get in about two or three dance sets before the main course. I start with Frankie Blue Eyes, hit My Girl, then I am off and running with Motown, Michael, Black Eyed Peas, Sean Paul, and so on. My point is there was this couple that appeared to be in there 70’s. Struggling to move well, but smiling ear to ear to every song.

The reason I bring this up is that usually after the Motown set, older couples have just danced 3 or 4 straight songs and need a break. This couple though danced the first set, 6 songs! The second set another 6 and the third set, five more! This is all before dinner!

What caught my eye were the smiles. They never let go of each other’s hands. He was spinning her, dipping her (not low, lol) and moving her around the floor the best he could. At one point he spun her, she started turning, but which I would find out later, couldn’t move that quick, that’s when she got half way around and says, “Hey where did you go?” He says, “You didn’t finish turning!” Haha. They started laughing when she finally did make it all the way around!

What also made it special was the amount of people dancing and just watching them! They fascinated all the guests! People were curious as to how old they actually were and how long they have been married.

This is where the Anniversary Dance came in. They danced the whole song. The final 4 couples were there. The first was 40 years, next 44 years, another 49 years…. then 61 YEARS!!!! They were in their mid 80’s been dating since their late teens, and married 61 years! She got the bouquet; he got a bottle of champagne. That lasted two seconds, as she grabbed the champagne from him and gave him the flowers!

The applause they got was deafening. The sparkle in other couple’s eyes knowing it is possible was priceless. Then knowing how much they danced, how old they were and watch them leave with a cane and walker was mesmerizing!

They forgot their ailments, they ignored their age, they enjoyed life for just one more night.

All Our Best – NJs Best DJs Staff

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