There’s No “I” In Team

The common rule is that brides are going to dance almost all night and the groom is not gonna dance until he gets his swerve (drink) on. But what if you’re not a big drinker? What if you really don’t like to dance? What if?

My groom on Saturday showed me the answer.

He told me he was not a big dancer, didn’t really dig the newer music and was big into oldies, especially classic rock. However, his new wife, loves all that plus all the new stuff and the crazy dances. So what is the groom to do.


Dance with your bride. That’s it. Whatever she’s dancing to you dance to with her. My groom showed me you are going to do whatever it takes to enjoy every moment of the biggest day of your life.

So what do we do. We made sure we mixed the music that got the groom fired up and then went into one of the bride’s favorites, so that he was just happy to be out there with her!

Our groom was smiling all night, dancing all night and enjoying their night! It showed us that people do things to make each other happy. But really showed us, that when one of the two are happy, everyone is happy, because your are in it “together.”

Thanks Bob!  

 All our best – NJs Best DJs Staff

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