Unbelievable Moments!

Unbelievable moments!  You will Get GOOSE BUMPS FROM THIS!  A MUST READ!!

I have been an entertainer a very long time!  Eighteen years to be exact.  There are always special dedications to people who can’t be at the wedding because of illness, live to far away, have died or the most common, serving our country.  Those are special.  These individuals are missing their families to help fight for our great country’s rights.  Usually it’s a song dedication or just a simple, “Thank You.” 

My wedding last week at the Channel Club went one step further.  Our bride Karen’s sister, Katelynn was serving our country in Afghanistan and could not physically be at the reception.  To surprise her sister, Katelynn had her boyfriend fly in from London on her behalf.  From the story I got he was invited, but due to circumstances wasn’t originally going to be able to attend.  However, he did make it and brought a laptop with him as his date.  Except it wasn’t any ordinary laptop.  It was set up with a live wireless feed on SKYPE to have Katelynn as a guest at the wedding.  She was live on the laptop through a video feed and could see and hear everything.  She was present for the ceremony and even had pictures taken with Karen as Karen held the laptop with Katelynn on the screen.

To make it even crazier.  Karen originally wanted us to play a song for her just in her honor.  Chicken Fried by the Zac Brown Band.  It’s about being American and such.  First time I ever heard it.  Really great song.  Anyway, Katelynn didn’t know about this, of course, because she wasn’t attending.  But now through Modern Technology, she was there.  She still did not know about the dedication but did one better.  After the Introductions, First Dances and Toasts, we had the guest remained seated for something big.  Originally Katelynn had sent a CD with a toast for her Sister. With the help of Fred from the Channel Club and videographer, Chris Ingram, we were able to tie the laptop into our system and have Katelynn do the toast live over the system.  We place the laptop on our table in the center of the dance floor so everyone can see her.  We brought Karen and her new husband Ryan out to the floor, and Katelynn gave a speech.  There was not a dry eye in the room.

As soon as the speech was done we told Katelynn about Karen and Ryan’s dedication to her.  We had all the guests and when I tell you all, 150 came out to the dance floor at once and dedicated Chicken Fried to her.  We also thanked her on behalf of everyone in the room for serving our Great Nation!  The whole dance floor started dancing and clapping!  You look at the laptop and there is Katelynn on the other side of the globe, 2am over there, DANCING IN HER BARACKS WITH ALL THE GUESTS!!!!  It was simply amazing!!

I thought I had seen it all, but what I witnessed and learned that evening I will never forget.  People sacrifice their lives, time and families, to help make our country safe and better.  What Karen, Katelynn’s boyfriend and their family and friends did for Katelynn will always make me remember, we don’t forget them!

On behalf of our entire family of entertainers, spouses and children, Thank you Katelynn for helping make our lives better!

All My Best!

Joey “Kidd” Marino

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  1. Joe, you summed it up nicely!! It was definately one of the most memorable evenings for me as well!! Kudos to you for the awesome job of pulling everything together so seamlessly! The families couldn’t have been happier!

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