Customer Service

At a recent convention, we were asked how we, our company, separate ourselves from other entertainment firms.  The speaker gave us an assignment of how we handle a customer’s question.  Our situation went like this.

I was sitting in a potential couple’s living room last week.  The bride to be Marie, asked me what separated me, with my price, from the $700 DJ that the facility was promoting.  (Our Pricing varies based on client’s needs and wants.  The average package is $1595 to give you an idea)

I thought about it for a second and I then asked her a few questions that went like this…

Me:  Have you met this DJ yet?

Marie:  No, we talked to him on the phone.

Me:  Did you see any of his work?

Marie:  He doesn’t have any.

Me:  The person you spoke to, will he be the DJ?

Marie:  He didn’t say.

Me:  If you book him, when do you plan to go over everything?

Marie:  He didn’t say.

Me:  Did I answer all the questions I just asked you when we talked for the last half hour?

Marie:  I didn’t need to ask, you told me all this, before I had the chance to ask.

Me:  Who is sitting in your living room, trying to find out everything you invision for your wedding?

Marie:  You are.

Me:  That’s what separates our company from the rest.  Customer service and professionalism.

They signed a contract 2 minutes later.

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