Use What You Already Know

Repeat business in the wedding industry is not supposed to be common.  Once a couple is married, rule has it, that’s it, no longer a client.  Yes, you can get personal referrals from them, but how do you really capitalize on a client you’re only going to have once.  These are questions that wedding professionals have been asking themselves for years.  Some people think you just search for new clients, ie:  Bridal Shows, Magazine Ads, etc.  We don’t.  We consider our clients lifelong friends.  We always knew and believed that, but the Wedding MBA proved it.  We always try to learn new industry techniques and better ourselves as DJ entertainers.  With the economy in shambles and people watching their budgets, we turned to a proven organization to help give us fresh ideas.  However, the ideas weren’t new.  They were fresh takes on old business proverbs.  The most important, “Once a client, always a client.”  There were numerous seminars on customer service before, during and after the wedding itself.  The speakers were proven businessmen in the wedding industry from the DJ World (Peter Merry) to the World Wide Web (Alan from the Knot).  But they didn’t talk about their business they talked about how to service your clients better than ever with social media websites, client meetings, emails, group client meetings and such.  We have learned that going to these seminars does help our business grow, but the Wedding MBA taught us how to grow exponentially with what you already know. 

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NJ’s Best DJ’s Staff

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