Audience Participation Songs

Years ago, Audience Participation Songs were so popular, as an Emcee, if you weren’t out on the dance floor doing the Chicken Dance and the Electric Slide, you might as well pack up your gear and go home.  One of the most requested songs was The Macarena.  Guests went wild on the dance floor trying to figure out which hand to fold over first. My left, then my right, shake your butt and which way do I turn?  How about Hands Up from Club Med, hands up, baby hands up, gimmee your heart gimmee gimmee your heart! Remember that one? As an Emcee Entertainer we sure did make some great impressions.  Although the Audience Participation craze has died down a bit, there are some clients that are still looking for those fun dances.  Some of which still seemed to hang on after all those years. YMCA, Mony Mony, Shout, and the Electric Slide are still requested at almost every event.  The Cha Cha Slide is still going strong and the new Cupid Shuffle ranks near the top as well. 

What were some of your favorites that still stick out in your mind?  And for those getting married, or having an event in the near future, which ones do you prefer?

All our Best!

NJ’s Best DJ’s Staff

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