Looking Back 2009!

For what seemed to be a long year, actually went very fast.  2009 was a great year for us and we look forward to an even better 2010.  NJ’s Best DJ’s performed at some amazing weddings, sweet sixteen, corporate events and holiday parties in 2009.  We can’t thank you enough, our clients and friends who hired us for their events.  You have given us the great opportunity to help create lasting memories, make people laugh and smile as we celebrated with your family and friends.  For that we are truly grateful – Thank you.

Despite the declining economy, our company grew in many ways.  Sales increased 20% from the previous year, our Bridal Show perfomance improved throughout the season which led to more bookings, the implementation of new customer service ideas improved our overall client satisfaction, website traffic contributed to 50% of sales calls within the first 6 months, and last but definitely not least, the synergy of our staff members helped maintain an atmosphere of fun and excitement!  

We are truly blessed as individuals to be able to do what we do each and every year.  To entertain with passion, professionalism, excitement and fun.  Most importantly, make sure that at every event we create memories to last a lifetime!  

Looking back in 2009 was outstanding!  Now moving forward to 2010 we are more excited than ever…

We look forward to entertaining you!

All Our Best,

NJ’s Best DJ’s Staff

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