Price does really matter!!

Bride’s and Grooms, there are many facets of your wedding day that you want to be flawless.  Statistics show, that DJ entertainment is usually your top three in order of importance.  Hiring a DJ entertainer, who is experienced, professional, and energetic, increases your chances of perfection. 

NJ’s Best DJ’s philosophy is simple…not every crowd is a dancing crowd so, our experience will turn a good party into a great one, and make a great party phenomenal!!

Engaged couples are not always familiar with the hiring process of a DJ, so many shop strictly based on price.  The average bride and groom spend approximately $20,000 – $30,000 on their entire wedding.  Although the entertainment is at the top of their priority list, they end up spending less than they do on favors, which is usually at the bottom of their list.  They decide on booking an entertainer without hearing, and or seeing them either at a bridal showcase, or a sales video just to cut a corner.  One of the most common fears is, OMG! What if my family and friends don’t dance at the reception? What if the DJ plays the wrong wedding song? What if his equipment breaks down? Just to name a few…moral of the story is cutting the cost of your entertainment could be disastrous.

Whatever company you choose, be sure to check out a video of the specific DJ entertainer that is the perfect fit.  Make sure you discuss all the details that you want with your chosen entertainer, not a staff member of the company.   Lastly, don’t settle for less than you deserve just because you saved a few bucks!! 

Remember, the choice of a good entertainer, and a great one, could be the difference between a lifetime of memories!! 

All our best,

NJ’s Best DJ’s Staff

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