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New Jersey’s Best DJ’s are pleased to announce the launch of our new website, njsbestdjs.test!  We are very excited to announce that NJ’s Best DJ’s website is now live.  Special thanks to Greater Web Design for their tireless efforts, exceeding our expectations, and launching the site in just 3 short weeks. 

To all our clients, prospective clients, and friends, we hope you enjoy you’re experience and welcome feedback and comments.  In order for us to improve our service and enhance the functionality of our site, we need your help.  Please write us your thoughts and opinions regarding your experience as you navigate through the pages.  You can post your comments either on our blog, or our contact page.  You are the reason NJ’s Best DJ’s is successful and growing rapidly.  So, we encourage, and ask that you be as honest as humanly possible.  We promise not to hold it against you…(Just kidding) We will be updating our blog continuously keeping everyone up to date on what’s new and exciting. 

Speaking of exciting…coming soon an intimate interview with Celebrity Wedding Planner Samantha Goldberg,  star of “Who’s Wedding Is It Anyway.”

Thanks again everyone, enjoy our site and we look forward to chatting with you soon!!!

All the best NJ’s Best DJ’s Staff

6 Responses to “Our New Website!”

  1. Six years ago Joey was the dj for my sisters wedding. I knew then that I wanted him for my wedding one day. I finally got married on August 31, 2008, Which was not my originial date. My 1st phone call planning my wedding was to Joe..even before the reception hall!!! I had contacted him almost 2 years prior and he was booked for the day i wanted..so of course I changed my wedding date to his availability. I think the DJ is a VERY IMPORTANT part of a wedding!! As my weddding day was approaching I called Joe a million times adding song after song. I even sent him my DIFFICULT enterence line up of songs..which he played out perfect!! As much of a pest that i was..he still said “I will do ANYTHING to make your wedding day the way you want it!” I could not have been any happier with the way he performed how he interacts with the guest!! He really gets people on the dance floor. After my wedding EVERYONE said “where did you find your dj?” I told them he was #1 on my list of professionals and knew I was gonna use him way before I was engaged. I wanted everything to be perfect and he made sure it was!! I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone and know they will be more than pleased. Thank you again Joe..Like I said you really rock and you are phenomenal at what you do!! The only sad part is that now my younger sister booked her reception before booking you..it was so upsetting to her that she actually
    called me crying cause you were booked 🙁 … so for future brides and grooms BOOK YOUR DJ FIRST!!!!
    Thank you again….
    Sincere Thanks,
    Kristi & Bryan L

  2. Dave Nase says:

    Kristi thanks so much for posting your comment. It sounds to me like your mission was to hire the very best DJ available. You even changed your wedding date to ensure Joe was the entertainer, now that’s commitment…(Mission accomplished) We agree when you say, that the DJ is very important, and chosing one that fits are clients particular style is one that we encourage. Unsurpassed customer service is at the top of our list. I see, Joe exceeded your expectations way to go Joe!! On behalf of Joe, we appreciate your recommendations and look forward to entertaining at your sister’s wedding next year.

    Thanks again all the best!
    NJ’s Best DJ’ Staff…

  3. Bill Perkert says:

    The new site is nice a clean.The colors are nice to the eye. Easy to navigate from page to page. To be honest like you asked for your old page had a few spelling errors and grammar problems. This site is well done and should bring you many rewards for spending the time and money on it. 10 stars from me 🙂

  4. Dave Nase says:

    Thanks Bill for your post and honesty. We agree, the old site was nothing to be excited about. Thanks to the staff at Greater Web Design, we are very pleased, and look forward to far greater results…

    Thanks again, all the best!
    NJ’s Best DJ’s Staff…

  5. KrisBelucci says:

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  6. JaneRadriges says:

    The article is usefull for me. I’ll be coming back to your blog.

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