Booking a DJ at a Bridal Show

Booking your DJ at a Bridal Show

Yes…Yes…Yes…we are not just saying that because we are DJ’s (Ok, I know you don’t believe me anyway).  Not sure if I would believe me either!!  Seriously, finding a DJ entertainer that’s perfect for your event can be a daunting task sometimes.  If you do your homework, it can, and will be a much easier decision.  First, you need to discuss the type of atmosphere you’re looking for.  What do I mean by that?  Do you want a DJ to stand behind their table and let the music take control? Or, do you want an emcee to handle all of the traditional formalities and interact with you’re guests.  Maybe you’re looking for that happy medium, a little bit of both. 

If you’re interested in the first option, then you can easily book your DJ over the phone after asking a few important questions. (How long have they been a DJ? What is there experience level? How many wedding’s have they performed at in their career? Can they furnish you with testimonials from past clients? Are they fully insured?) See how easy that was?

Now, option two…the only way to find a DJ that fits this criteria is by seeing them in action.  A Bridal Show is a popular venue to accomplish what you’re after.  You get the chance in some cases, to see DJ’s perform live on stage, critique their personalities, keeping a close eye on how they present themselves professionally as an emcee, overall getting a good feel or vibe, ensuring there the right fit for you, you’re family and friends.  Not all DJ’s have the opportunity to perform at shows, so be sure to check out there video’s either on their website, or meeting them in person.

In closing, remember this is one of the biggest days of your life.  Like most, if entertainment is at the top of you’re priority list, then booking a DJ that you are able to see at a Bridal Show is a sure way to get exactly what you’re looking for!!

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NJ’s Best DJ’s Staff

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