06 May, 2017

Why Your Wedding Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect

06 May, 2017


I’m going to go out on a limb here, and say many young brides want their wedding picture perfect. I was one of those brides and know plenty of others who felt the same way. I fretted over every detail; the way my bridesmaids wore their hair, (yeah, I know) the color of the water in the vases of our centerpieces, (but that burgundy looked so good), and what would be the perfect favor that my guests would take home and make as a centerpiece of their lives. (Uh, no. That doesn’t happen.)

All that worrying was for nothing. We’re here to tell you, your wedding doesn’t have to be perfect. Your guests don’t care about most of it. What they care about most is spending the day with you and having some fun. The rest is just tulle under the skirt.

We asked some people what they cared most about at a wedding and listed them for you so you can spend your energy in better places. We also asked what they cared least about. We’ll list those for you too.

Cared About:

The Ceremony. It’s the most important part of the day and the reason why you gathered everyone together.

The Speeches. They want to hear wonderful things about you, especially stuff they don’t already know.

Where They Sit. If someone is coming solo, they don’t want to have to pick a seat themselves. Make sure to do a seating chart.

The Alcohol. Alcohol was mentioned a few times. Have it. No cash bars please. But definitely no drunk grooms vomiting in the bathroom during the reception. (I’ve seen it.)

The Music. Once your reception is nothing but a wisp of smoke in your guests mind, what they will remember is how much fun they had.


Don’t Care About:

The Cake. The cake came up a lot. It looks prettier than it tastes, usually. The people we questioned said, for the love of all things holy, do not do the cake eating ceremony. Feed each other at home, in privacy, and if you’re frisky, in the nude.

The Favors. The favors cost money and end up collecting dust. What are your guests really going to do with a nylon cinch sack with your names on it? Skip it and spend it on the flowers. Though some people questioned said they didn’t care about the flowers either.

The Guest Book. You’ll never look at the guest book anyway, trust me.

The Garter/Bouquet Toss. It’s just plain awkward for everyone.

The Chicken Dance. Enough said.


When all is said, and done, the decisions are yours. It’s your day; one you will spend a lot of time planning. It should reflect who you are and all that you hope your lives together will be.

We love hearing from you! What are some of your must haves for your wedding? What are some things you’re willing to do without?

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