Photos, Friends, and a Knight in Shining Armor

group shot

The start of the wedding season is right around the corner. With that brings possibility, hope, and new adventures. NJs Best DJs feels the same way these days.

Recently, we all gathered for a photo shoot. Who doesn’t like to wash their hair, get all dressed up and have their picture taken? I certainly do.

We were in the wine cellar of Buona Sera Ristorante in Red Bank. The room was right out of a medieval novel with stone walls, a brick ceiling, and a knight’s armor.

Eric & the knight

It’s a great place to host a small party and from the looks of the balloons and the tables set with china and wine glasses we moved out of the way, a party was set to happen later that day.

Our fantastic photographer, Scott Frederick, helped us all be comfortable in front of the camera. I liked how he made me think every picture he took of me was better than the last even though I know it wasn’t. I’m a blinker and the wrinkle side of forty.

The photo shoot was a fun day for us to hang and catch up. For me, because I’ve known Dave and Eric for a very long time, NJs Best DJs is like a second family. We had a blast striking poses and cracking jokes and knowing in a few short months we’ll be helping brides and grooms make their wedding dreams come true. It’s an honor for us to share that special day. We make it a point to really get to know our brides and grooms during the planning stages of their wedding so we can deliver to them a party worth talking about for years to come whether it’s a small wine cellar like at Buona Sera or in an elaborate banquet hall.



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